Women's Self-defence - Full Force Combatives

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Women's Self-defence

Magda Witkowska is our specialist female instructor. Magda has trained in many aspects of the trauma associated with violent encounters against women, including domestic-violence and rape. She is passionate about passing on her extensive knowledge of women's self-defence and protection. Contact us to book a group or private lesson with Steve and/or Magda.

Chief Instructor Stephen Tomkins (BA Hons) is DBS checked and approved and has trained many women and girls in all elements of civilian self-protection

Some testimonials:

"Steve is an excellent, passionate, knowledgable combatives instructor. Very patient too, with years of experience." Magda, student

"I have been attending a woman's self defence class for the last 3 week  to learn basic skills and it's the best thing I have done it's made me  feel so much more confidence, the classes are amazing learn so much in  every class and still really fun." Crystal, student

"Doing self defence lessons with Steve was the best decision  I've made! Every week we learn new techniques, build confidence, and  have such a good laugh doing it. Would recommend 100% to anyone  considering doing this!" Ellen, student

"Fully recommended. Steve is a great instructor and incredibly professional, amazing atmosphere that makes learning fun and interesting, no fuss, no nonsense just great intensive training!" Monika Y

"One of the best combatives instructors in the UK" Karen T

Better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it
DBS checked & approved. Fully insured
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