Full Force Combatives

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FULL-FORCE COMBATIVES (FFC) provides high-calibre combative skills and self-defence training. As one of our students you will become proficient in all aspects of unarmed combat and counter-weapons skills - enabling you to protect yourself and others in a variety of different situations. We have also developed a highly effective combative stick/club/baton programme.

Taught by chief instructor, Stephen Tomkins (BA Hons) - a highly  experienced Combatives instructor and a veteran London Fire-fighter, -  you will learn quickly how to deal with violent confrontations, effectively recognise predatory behaviour, and deal with your own natural fear and adrenaline.

New students are welcome to our weekly Wednesday group class 7-8.15pm located between Axminster and Honiton in East Devon. No experience necessary.

Private lessons are also available for those who do not feel comfortable training in a group class or those that require individual and specific training.

Private lessons cost £20 per hour, or £10 each per hour for 2-4 people. Also, look  out for our short 4 week specialist courses on our Facebook page Axminster Combatives & self-defence.

Steve qualified as a Combatives instructor under Urban Combatives founder Lee Morrison in 2008, and is a recognised instructor within the British Combat Association. He has founded several combative's clubs, taught internationally with American Combatives expert and spec ops instructor Kelly McCann, and holds senior grades in various martial arts. He has also trained with, amongst others, Geoff Thompson, Dennis Martin, Dave Turton, Peter Constardine, Stuart Rider, and Richard Dimitri. Steve has taught scores of civilians, martial artists, door-supervisors, women's groups, children, individual police officers, Krav Maga instructors, and anti-piracy operatives to enhance their combatives skills and mindset.

CRB checked and approved, and fully insured. Our club is a recognised group within the British Combat Association.

This photo shows a direct and explosive counter-response to a common grab - the response being to trap the assailant's hand while exploding with a palm heel strike/tiger's claw, following up if needed.

Better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it
CRB checked. Fully insured

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